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"Thoughts lead to words; words lead to action; action leads to habits; habits lead to purpose"

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me!
My name is Lori Ellis, and I am a Certified Life and Vision Coach through Jay Shetty Certification School. 
I am a light in this world, showing others the light within themselves. 
I believe in affirmations and how our words can change our past, present, and future. 
I believe in the power of words, affirmations, imagination, vision, and faith.
I believe in something beyond the visible. I will help you uncover the light within yourself to journey on the path ahead confidently. I will help you create peace in your present moment. 
I believe in the power of BELIEVING.  I will show you how to believe and manifest the things in your heart through your thoughts, words, affirmations, God's Word, writing, and all the tools to help you believe.  I will show you how to speak your future into existence through your thoughts, words, and writing
I love TOOLS! Whether we meet once or often in this journey, you will receive the gift of tools from me, helping you to navigate your path with clarity so you can be empowered to reach your destination confidently. 
I believe in the power of our thoughts, which leads to our words.
I believe in the power of our words, which leads to our actions.
I believe in the power of our actions, which leads to our habits.
I believe in the power of our habits, which leads to our purpose
I believe we are created for a purpose!  You have incredible gifts to accomplish so much in this life. Your identity is unique and wonderful

I am a former licensed massage therapist from the Chicagoland area. For 15 years, I have worked in a hospital setting, seeing patients in Mother-Baby, Antepartum, NICU, and various departments throughout the hospital. I also owned a Corporate Chair Massage business.


Over the years, I've had the privilege of coaching, counseling, mentoring, guiding, listening to, and helping others. This chapter of my life was profoundly fulfilling, and I had the pleasure of connecting with countless amazing individuals.


In Colorado, I've transitioned full-time to life coaching, driven by my passion for helping. 

My husband is a constant source of inspiration as I navigate my path and purpose, and I'm immensely proud of my grown children as they carve out their own paths in this world. And then there's Ellie, our cherished doodle, whose 68-pound presence brings boundless love and laughter to our family.


I'm passionate about immersing myself in the breathtaking beauty of the Colorado mountains through hiking and exploring.


And I love to help others navigate this thing called life.  

 I would love to get to know YOU!
Go HERE to tell me all about you.
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