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Hiker hiking a mountain

vision hiking

Here is how Life Coaching can help you on a Vision Hike.


Hiking with a Life Coach is like walking and talking to a better you. As we hike, I will help you think about goals and find solutions to your challenges. Being outdoors helps you feel calm, strong, and at peace. By the end of our hike, you'll feel more confident and ready to face whatever comes your way.


  1. CLEAR THINKING: Being in nature helps you see things differently, and a life coach can guide you to find fresh solutions to your challenges. It also clears the mind of clutter and distractions.

  2. BETTER MOOD: Hiking is good for your body and mind. It helps reduce stress and makes you feel happier. The fresh air, soothing sounds of nature, and scenic views can help lower cortisol levels and induce a sense of tranquility.

  3. FOCUSED: Away from distractions, hiking allows for focused talks about your goals and present circumstances.

  4. MOVEMENT: Moving forward physically on the trail can symbolize moving forward in your life goals. Vision hiking strengthens your muscles and engages the cardiovascular.

  5. INSPIRATION: Being outdoors can inspire you and boost your well-being. Vision Hiking sparks creativity and fresh ideas, evoking a sense of awe, wonder, and gratitude.





  1. Visualization: I will help you visualize your future goals and dreams in vivid detail. By picturing your desired outcomes, you can stay motivated and focused on your journey.

  2. Trail Journaling: You will receive a FREE journal to capture insights, reflections, and breakthroughs during the hike. Writing down thoughts, experiences, and affirmations will empower you to reach your goals.

  3. Affirmations: I will help you create positive statements to train your thoughts by speaking affirmations out loud and/or writing them out in your journal. Affirmations are a powerful tool for visualizing your future.

  4. Prayer: I will support you in connecting with your faith through prayer, meditation, and biblical affirmations. Prayer can provide tremendous comfort and peace during challenging times. I will show you the power of affirmations in God's Word. You will receive a FREE biblical affirmation book.

  5. Meditation: During our hike, we will find a quiet place to sit down and just breathe.  You will relax and feel the tension leaving your body.

I provide one-on-one coaching sessions, where we can meet once or several times according to your needs. Vision hikes are tailored to your comfort level and typically cover distances of an easy 3 miles or less. A portion of the Hike will involve sitting in a serene spot to talk, write, and just breathe.


Examples of local trails in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas:


  1. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.

  2. Ute Valley, Colorado Springs, CO.

  3. Red Rock Open Space, Colorado Springs, CO.

  4. Black Forest Section 16, Colorado Springs, CO.

  5. Monument Rock, Monument, CO.

  6. Blodgett, Colorado Springs, CO.

  7. Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, CO.

  8. A local trail of your choice in the Colorado Springs area. 


*We can discuss trail options outside of the Colorado Springs area upon request.

This Vision Hike is open for women 18+



Remember, you are not alone on this journey.
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