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Do you believe WORDS can change Your life?

Come with me on a journey to transform your vision, daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.


Thanks for going on this journey with me! 
Let me ask you a few questions:

Hospital Stay

Patient in hospital bed

Are you or someone you care about currently facing a hospital stay or undergoing treatment as a hospital patient? Do you need hope, guidance, encouragement, and coaching to navigate this challenging time and find peace, hope, and light in your soul?

If so, you can go HERE for details on how I can walk alongside you through this journey.

Vision Hike

Hiker in the mountains hiking

Are you a woman and would like to go on a local easy VISION HIKE with me to gain clarity and hope in reaching your goals? 

 Are you in a dark space and want to see light in your soul, a situation, a relationship, or a purpose? 

If so, you can go HERE for more information. 

Coffee Shop / Virtual

Coffee shop - Cup of coffee and computer

Would you prefer to meet at a local coffee shop or connect via virtual Zoom from miles away? Let's walk on that path together and discover the light of hope, joy, peace, and purpose.

You can go HERE to see what this will look like. 

Do you want to know who I am?  Go HERE for more information. 

I can't wait to meet you! 

Lori Ellis - Jay Shetty Life-Coach Certification
Lori Ellis Signature

Sarah P. - Colorado

I had the privilege of working with a remarkable life coach, Lori Ellis, who integrated the healing power of nature with transformative coaching sessions during hikes. Through our sessions, I was able to navigate the complexities of divorce and gain a fresh perspective on my role as a mother to adult children. 

With her support, I learned to reframe motherhood of adult children as an opportunity for growth and connection rather than a source of stress. 

I truly believe that her coaching while hiking has been instrumental in my journey toward healing and finding peace amidst life's transitions.

Jennifer M.- Chicago

During my six-week bed rest in the antepartum unit in the Chicago area, I was overwhelmed with worry about my pregnancy. Lori's calming presence helped me so much. She gave me affirmations and put them on the wall to look at every day. Plus, she gave me a journal to express my thoughts and other tools to help me cope. Her support made all the difference in the world.

Amanda C.-Colorado

Recovering from hip replacement surgery in the hospital for a week due to complications was daunting. Lori's encouragement and practical tools gave me hope and strength post-surgery. From managing pain to easing anxiety, her support made all the difference. With her guidance, I faced each day of recovery with renewed determination. Her visit was a lifeline that helped me find light in the darkness of recovery.


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